Here are some common questions we get asked at Restoration Selection.

What is fire and water damage restoration?

This refers to the process that is set into motion as soon as the authorities provide the green light that the property is safe to enter. When it comes to the restoration process, the fire itself is not the sole villain. Smoke (an acidic byproduct of the fire) has the unfortunate ability to corrode and leave its mark on various surfaces, from walls to counters to clothes.


In fact, the process of killing a fire can cause more physical devastation than the blaze itself. It is for this reason that professional, trusted restoration services tackle not just fire damage, but water, smoke and heat damage too.

What do we do?

Here at Restoration Selection, we understand that disaster strikes when you least expect it. When it does, it can unleash seemingly irreversible damage on your home or business. Even once the fire has been tamed, the chances of additional fire/water damage do not necessarily dissipate with the blaze. However, with professional assistance and an environmentally-friendly approach, your space can be restored to its former glory – quickly and easily.


We specialize in shifting your focus back to what matters without delay, by effectively eliminating anything related to smoke, soot and unpleasant odors left behind in carpets, upholstery and more. We are further qualified in comprehensive structural repairs and renovations.

What can you do yourself?

It’s best to get the process underway as soon as possible. Open as many windows as you can, and move all children and pets to a safer place. Empty your fridge and leave the door open, and finally, make a list of all the things in your home that will need replacing for insurance purposes.

Where do you service?

We have partners all across the United States, but focused on the bay area

When are you available?

24/7. We are here to service any emergency you may have.

What should be left to us?

While there’s plenty you can do by yourself, it’s best to leave the more dangerous jobs to trained professionals who know how to handle environments enveloped in toxic gases and ash.


We will wipe walls and move furniture. NEVER sit on furniture in its current state, consume food products or touch any electrical devices whatsoever. Unless the fire restoration services have declared such acts as safe, it is vital to refrain from all of them.


It’s never too late to restore, revive and rebuild your life. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time for your unique restoration quote. If an emergency strikes, we’ll be at the ready 24/7. Your safety is our top priority!